Battle of the Sexes- Card Game





To be the first team to earn two cards.



  1. Divide into Male and Female teams.
  2. Divide the cards into Male (cards with blue backs) and Female (cards with pink backs) piles.
  3. One member of the Male team draws a blue card and reads the first question to the Female team.
  4. If the Female team answers correctly, then they are read the next question on the card.If the Female team answers incorrectly, the card is turned face down to be used the next time the Female team is asked a question.
  5. If the Female team correctly answers three questions in a row during a turn, the Female team wins 1 card.
  6. The Female teamís turn ends either after they give an incorrect answer or after they correctly answer three questions in a row.
  7. One member of the Female team now draws a pink card and reads a question to the Male team.
  8. Play continues until a team earns two cards by having correctly answered three questions in a row during two different turns.
  9. The first team to earn two cards wins the game.(NOTE: A team does not have to correctly answer three questions from the same card in order to earn a card.However, they must correctly answer three consecutive questions during a turn.)


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