National Young Game Inventors Contest

What is The National Young Game Inventors Contest?
Itís a contest designed for kids ages 5-12 in which they design a board game (with all its pieces, rules, and a board) and earn the chance to win prizes (a trip, a $10,000 savings bond, a game library, and more!). In addition, the winning game may be produced by University Games for our lineup in 2007.

What do I have to do?
Design a board game! Youíll need to think up the idea for the game thatís fun to play (can be on any subject, but must be a board game, not a card game or other toy). Then, decide what the board and pieces look like, figure out the rules and how to play and design a sample of the board and pieces. Try it out with friends or your family, just to make sure it all works! When youíre done, send the game to us with an entry form by December 1, 2006 (Entries will not be judged on artwork.)

Rules Frequently Asked Questions
Will I get notified who the winner is?
Only the winner will be notified. All other entrants can find out who the winner is by logging onto after January 15, 2007.

Will I get my entry back?
No. All submissions will become the property of University Games. If you want to remember what you submitted, make an extra copy for yourself.

How do I know if my entry was received?
Please allow 2-4 weeks after you have submitted the entry before calling. At that point, you can call 1-800-347-4818 to ask whether your submission has been received.

Must I live in the US to participate in the contest?

My best friend and I have a killer idea for a game. Can we enter together?
Only one name can be submitted with each entry. You will either need to decide which one of you will be represented or come up with an idea all on your own.

My Mom helped me design the game. Is that okay?
She can only help supervise. The game must be the sole creation of the child.

Can I just send you the rules?
No. Besides submitting the rules, you will also need to include the board game and all the relevant pieces (markers, tokens, cards, etc.).

Will my game get published if I am the winner?
Not necessarily. After determining the winner, we will decide whether the game is published.

If my game is published, will I receive royalties?
No. All the prizes (including prize money) are given upfront.